I’m terrible with first times.

I think it’s because I try to be a perfectionist (let’s be real, I’m not), so I want to do well from the beginning. We all know how that goes. Sometimes there’s the beginner’s fluke and that particular event / experience went way better than expected. Great. However, if everything were to go well all the time, I guess I wouldn’t be able to appreciate it as much as I should.

Cheers to all of the terrible, fear / awkward / cringe inducing first times. Without these experiences, I will never be able to improve and grow. Without these times, I’ll never be able to gauge and step out of my comfort zone.

I think I’m starting to be okay with being uneasy at times. I’m a creature of habit who absolutely hated unfamiliarity, but now I’m coming to terms with it. If I don’t try new things (it’s not that I actively avoid it), I’d pretty much be stagnant. I’d rather feel the whole spectrum of negative emotions than to not feel anything at all.

I’m too young to be stagnant. Actually, no one should be stagnant.

Here’s to all of the first times that I’ve experienced in 2017 (not going to lie, a lot of them happened this past month and a half – and some of them are scary as hell, but I’m still so glad I’ve gone through them, because I never thought I’d be able to), and to the future first times.

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