There’s a park that is about a 20 minute drive from my house that I love going to. The park was built around the hills / mountains and a reservoir. Honestly, it’s pretty neat. The scenery is great, and it’s so out of the way. This means that I can’t just give up and go home if I suddenly feel tired since I’m stuck in the middle of the route…so I have to continue until the end.

Earlier this year (I’d say around March? April?) I’ve actually managed to run the full lap without stopping…twice. For reference, each lap is around seven kilometers with up and downhills most of the way, and then a smooth two kilometer route in the end. There’s also two really annoying suspension bridges that I used to be extremely scared of, because I can’t swim to save my life. I’m also really scared of heights. I’ll save my fears for another day.

I ran the whole route without stopping today. I’m actually a bit unsure as to how. I know I’ve been working out consistently since mid August, and then I stopped most of November. It was a pleasant little surprise (and I’ve also hit a PR, which is pretty awesome).

This made me think of rhythm. I was running in a consistent pace (until the last 200 meters, because I had to sprint) for 40-something minutes. My breathing was in order, my legs felt automated as they were just pushing forward step after step, and I didn’t feel the typical abdominal stabbing pain when I was running. At that moment, I even thought (ha, how naïve of me) that maybe I can conquer the upcoming half marathon that I’m planning to run next year.

For me, these consistent moments are the best. It might seem a little boring, but I really think that they’re amazing. If I possess the ability to stay constant, it means that I have the stamina to endure whatever it is that I’m facing at the moment. What I’m facing at the moment can be as small as keeping up my running pace (like what I was doing today – I actually decreased my running pace time because I had to sprint that last 200 meters, which is cheating, I guess, but whatever) or as big as sticking to my own rules and beliefs on how to run my own business while dealing with unhappy parents and my own sanity. I’ll save that for another day when I want to rant.

If you can find your rhythm in the long haul, you’re going to be able to conquer whatever it is that you want one day. I’m sure of it.

PS: I lack the patience to check my syntax and spelling, because I’ve been drinking whiskey before the start of this post. I hope everything makes sense. If not, I’m sure my sober self will deal with it…

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