I’ve been word vomiting nonstop for the past few days, so here’s something short and sweet.

Writing has always been one of my favorite pastimes ever since I could remember. My first dream job was to become a writer. Sometimes I put this hobby on the side until it’s covered with dust, and then when I finally manage to pick up a pen to write, nothing seemed appropriate or perfect enough to write down. None of my thoughts were significant enough for me to let them physically exist in this world. I think this neglect derives partially from fear. I have a voice and I’m not afraid to use it, but sometimes I don’t think anyone is even bothered to understand (yes, even the ones who love me, because they have their troubles, too, and I don’t want to inconvenience them with mine – and this is a super unhealthy thought, I know).

Thank you to everyone who has had the chance to read the post I’ve written on Christmas day (and managed to read other posts, too?!) and complimented me on my writing. It is honestly one of my absolute favorite remarks, because it’s a skill that I’ve been extremely insecure about (it’s because I really give a shit about writing, especially on my greeting cards, postcards, and well, my blog now, because I believe that after twenty-five years of hanging out with me, the best way for me to express myself clearly is through well thought out written messages).

I feel nothing but gratitude right now. I honestly don’t care if this blog gets any attention at all, because that was never my purpose. I don’t even care if no one ever reads my future posts (doesn’t mean I’m going to stop re-reading my posts to check for mistakes). I do feel loved though, because the people I care about from around the world took some time out of their day (and perhaps, one of their busiest days) to read a post dedicated to them and respond to me, and something that really matters to me. It feels really wholesome, and I’m feeling this way today because of people I adore. Even better.

Note: If you’ve ever received a card or a postcard or both from me, that means I actually really do love you. I pour my heart out to the each and one of those cards. I really do.

If you haven’t received one but received the link of the post from me…then I probably love you less just do not have your address on my phone notepad, because I changed my phone and am incapable of learning how to sync iPhones.

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