Call it Quits.

El_Beso_(Pinacoteca_de_Brera,_Milán,_1859) (2)

The Kiss

Francesco Hayez, 1859.

I considered you as a spark of spontaneity derived from intoxication at first sight. Nothing more, nothing less. It was no strings attached, whimsical gesture that was completely out of my character. I needed to, it was you.

Somehow we still ended up getting intertwined and attached.

It began, not without its bumps, but for a little while, it seemed like we were doing more than just fine. I started to weave you into my life, and I believe you did so, too.

All of a sudden, you were more than just someone new. I gravitated towards you after learning some of your likes, dislikes, and even the flaws you tried to hide.

I introduced you to some of the unseen, damaged parts of mine. They were obscure and unreachable to everyone else, but dear, I felt comfortable enough to display each and every one of them to you at that time.

Now I’m not certain as to why.

If crying is a sign of weakness, then I’ve been defeated by you more than countless times. The only consolation that I can rely on is that you will probably never know the whens and whys.

Perhaps it is pride. Perhaps it is dignity. Perhaps it is because I know you could care less.

I’m not sure how you could walk away so easily.

I can quit anything, but I’m not quite sure whether or not I’ll be able to quit you.

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