Hanging by the Thread of Silence.


The Glass of Beer (Portrait of the Poet Sabartes)

Pablo Picasso, 1901 – 2.

There are instances when silence slits and slashes better than a sharpened knife.

This is not one of those times.

The current case is simple: my words are as scrambled as the fleeting clouds; my thoughts are erratically stabilized.

I wish I can sketch and color my words into marvelously crafted and coherent prose. The sea of scattered feelings and ideas engulf and leave me with nothing but a state of reticence, loss, and confusion.

So here I am, hoping that a subtle and insignificant expression of my absence and quietness can evolve into something a bit more remarkable and different.

Here’s to the beautiful, golden yet deafening silence that I wish to break poignantly, perhaps not yet, but (hopefully) sometime soon.

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