Absence of Uncertainty.


Water Serpents II

Gustav Klimt, 1904.

I was talking to a kind girl just yesterday,

About our hopes, dreads, wishes, and regrets,

We asked each other how we got this way,

Then realized that love was, and always, the reason for our fret.


I told her that the previous person made me feel fireworks,

She concurred and was able to relate,

In hindsight, what only got left behind was some sort of murk,

Which make us strain to see clearly, and can only wait.


Our conversation strayed to replacing the past,

How unhealthy dynamics are going to pass,

As they ultimately can never last,

I agreed and told her I’m trying to familiarize myself with someone from another class.


How is it, and does it feel similar in the past, she asked,

No, no, it doesn’t, as there is an absence of rush and uncertainty…at last.


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