Food & Travel: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. (Part II – Casual Eats)

Aerial view of sin city that started out with nothing but sand…

I’m fortunate enough to be able to visit once per year, and even though Vegas gets overwhelming at times and always too static and dry (it is the desert, after all), it still has a special place in my heart.

Hot Hattie B’s Chicken @ The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

I was recommended to Hattie B’s Chicken when I met up with my friends the day after Guy Savoy. Actually, to say “day” in this case might be an understatement, since we ended up going to OMNIA Nightclub a few hours after dinner. The combination of sleep jet lag, sleep deprivation & debt, and alcohol knocked me out until one in the afternoon.

I craved something to eat that wasn’t too much as we were going to have dinner in a couple of hours, so my friend suggested Hattie B’s. That was also the only restaurant with people lining up, so I figured “why not”?

Small Dark (Leg/Thigh Quarter) with Southern Greens & Crinkle Cut Fries

In all honesty, I’ve never had truly authentic Southern food, so I’m definitely not the best judge for it. I ordered the medium on the hot level, and it wasn’t too spicy. The sheer amount of Korean BBQ and kimchi I’ve had probably trained me for that.

Overall, the fried chicken was cooked to perfection. The skin was crispy on the outside while still capturing the juice on the inside as the chicken was still tender. The fries were fantastic, they were fresh off the fryer. I haven’t tried much southern greens, but they were decent. I would probably pick another side next time since it’s not precisely my cup of tea. I also unknowingly ordered an alcoholic lemonade that was pretty decent, too.

On a subjective view: even though everything was fried to the right extent, I couldn’t finish the entire plate because the portion size was too much for me and it was too salty in general. I’ve been cooking a lot more and cutting down sodium content recently, so that may be a contributing factor. It’s a good fast food place I’d revisit.

Crawfish Bloody Mary, anyone?

When I met up with my brother at Las Vegas, he really wanted to try out a gem he’s discovered called Hot N Juicy Crawfish at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas. After all, the first time I’ve ever had crawfish was when I was with him at Shanghai. The restaurant took a bit of time to find though, as it wasn’t directly on the strip – or maybe it was because I have a terrible sense of direction.

Unfortunately, this was a restaurant where we have to get down and dirty with our hands and so I didn’t take many pictures. We ended up ordering their “Get Your Feet Wet” combo, which, according to the restaurant menu, included “1 lb Crawfish, 1 lb Shrimp, dozen Andouille Sausages, 2 Corns and 2 Potatoes”. We also doubled down and added a soft shell crab basket, as shown below.

Soft Shell Crab Basket

Well, what can I say? The two restaurants I’ve been to really specialize in fried dishes and they were well done. The difference is that I could really taste the hot as well as the juicy in this restaurant.

I was in another foreign territory as this would be categorized as Cajun cuisine. There were bursting flavors in not only the seafood, but also the sausage, potatoes, and corn, and we were almost breaking into sweat after finishing the food.

It was definitely a satisfying meal, and somewhere that a seafood lover should visit.

It was also the first Bloody Mary I’ve ever had, too, and even though I’m not a huge fan of it (I love tomatoes, but I’m not a huge fan of tomato juice), it was definitely the most memorable one I’ve had (with a crawfish on top).

Other than the two restaurants, I’ve ventured out to a couple of more – three buffets (Wicked Spoon at The Cosmopolitan, Bayside Buffet at Mandalay Bay, and Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace), and some food court joints. I should really take pictures and write about those next time.

Thank goodness I typically venture out to Las Vegas once a year, or I’d be buying new clothes a lot more…there are just too many gems over there that are waiting for me to try out.

Till 2019.

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