I’m always unsure as to what I’m supposed to write here.

I was born and raised in Taiwan, but stayed in Italy for a year and in New York (one of the greatest loves of my life) for three years. English isn’t my first language, but it’s a close third…so there’s bound to be some grammatical errors. Please feel free to correct me. I’d appreciate it, actually.

I’ve always preferred expressing myself through writing. I think it’s because writing gives me a bit more time to think about what I want to say. Sometimes I don’t think I can express myself as clearly as I’d like to, so I’m still trying to improve on this. The most writing (actually, I find physical writing really relaxing, too) I’ve done for the past three years were postcards and holiday / birthday cards for my friends around the world. I still love doing that, but I want to start writing for myself again, too. I’d probably lose a physical copy of a journal, so a blog is perfect. This is why I started this blog.


A Bar at the Folies-Bergère

Édouard Manet, 1882.

My blog domain name actually came to me one day when I was hungover. Who knew I’d be able to produce any ideas – let alone pretty neat ones – during that state? I was pretty surprised.

I love to daydream at times. Sometimes it makes me feel a bit unrealistic, but as long as it doesn’t harm anyone or create a disillusion of reality for me…I don’t see how it’s bad.

I also like to drink…sometimes more than occasionally. I love wine, but I’ve branched out to whiskey (mainly Scotch) now, so these are my two favorites for now. I do have some love for gin, rum, tequila, and vodka, too, but not as much as the two above.

I’d love recommendations for any brands to try, as well as any cocktails (my favorites are Cosmopolitan and Moscow Mule), too. I’ve tried beer more than a handful of times before, and I’ve never liked it, even during my drunkest state.

Any recommendations except for beer is appreciated. Regional spirits recommendations are welcomed as well (I’ve tried sake and soju before)! Okay, sorry, going off topic.


Starry Night Over the Rhône

Vincent van Gogh, 1888.

I write about topics that I daydream about as well as experiences that inspire me to think a bit more deeply.

Sometimes I write about the places I’ve been as well as the food I’ve consumed and the books I’ve read, too. I’ll go off the path on occasion and write about snippets and shards of memories and experiences in short story form, too.

I’m mainly focused on writing about feelings, challenges, and just the occasionally beautiful yet painful thing called life. I may / may not be sober when I write. It’s kind of fun to see the subtle differences the next day. I think I have a little less filter when I’m inebriated though.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I doubt there’d be enough traffic for my blog to garner any inquiries though, which is pretty great, because I’m terrible at responding at times.