Dancing with Commitment.

The Star Edgar Degas, 1878. To say that I was chubby as a child would be a kind stretch. One of my favorite pastimes was eating. I liked peering inside the refrigerator door a lot more than watching television. To be fair, I really didn't like watching TV as a kid. Not even the cartoons. That … Continue reading Dancing with Commitment.

Love / Dignity & Pride & Respect.

Sunday Edward Hopper, 1926. I called one of my closest friend a fucking useless cuck (short for cuckold), and not just once, but multiple times within that singular conversation we had a few months ago. I did it out of love. Don't get me wrong, I know me. I throw out profanities way too freely at … Continue reading Love / Dignity & Pride & Respect.


I want everything to be as good as it is possible to be. Hold on, I don't mean everything. I mean, that only happens in an ideal world, and we all know that that's impossible. Before I continue - I kind of understand why my friend said that all of my posts are "dark-themed" and that the "overall … Continue reading Perfectionist.