Past & Present: Beautiful Distractions.

Wheatfield Under Thunderclouds Vincent van Gogh, 1890. I've always been a fan of focus, as it symbolizes personal commitment, resolve, perseverance. It doesn't matter who or what the attention is on, it just exists. The only difference is the "why" as it varies - perhaps out of passion, out of morals, even out of peer … Continue reading Past & Present: Beautiful Distractions.

Past & Present / You are the Sun, They are the Orbits.

Road with Cypress and Star Vincent van Gogh, 1890. A little while ago, I was on an emotional low - I've been quick to jump to the worst conclusions and stayed within the realms of anxiety and stress, unwilling to leave. It wasn't that I¬†wanted to stay - I probably didn't think I could get … Continue reading Past & Present / You are the Sun, They are the Orbits.

Past & Present / Sunshine, Rain, and Individual Blooms.

Sunflowers (F453) Vincent van Gogh, 1888. As the rain and the gloomy weather finally resigned to the sun, I began to learn - maybe not learn, but make peace with something along this odd path. I am powerless over controlling the physical - the weather given to us by mother nature, but I hold complete … Continue reading Past & Present / Sunshine, Rain, and Individual Blooms.

Rise from the Ashes.

The Burning of the Gaspee Charles DeWolf Brownell, 1892. I've been burning lots tributes these days as a part of tradition and ritual from my origins and culture. I don't mind it at all, other than the environmental repercussions - of course, I just think that the nonstop, drowning raindrops serve as an extreme oxymoron … Continue reading Rise from the Ashes.