Intimate Moments / The Color Rouge.

Seagram Mural Section 6 Mark Rothko, 1959. (I don't really "get" Rothko enough to appreciate his works of art...) I have a mundane secret. Actually, cross that, I have multiple secrets. I never kept any of these facts away intentionally. They are just so plain, minuscule, and easy to overlook. That's why they are untold. … Continue reading Intimate Moments / The Color Rouge.

Unspoken Words / Unanswered Questions.

Love and Pain (also known as¬†Vampire) Edvard Munch, 1895. I must admit that I've experienced a moment of weakness yesterday. Perhaps I have an allergy to opening up at times. Out of fear, out of insecurity, or simply because it's hard to expose myself - even to the people closest to my heart. I know … Continue reading Unspoken Words / Unanswered Questions.

Obliteration as a Last Resort (and how this is completely, or even more than okay).

The Sea of Ice Caspar David Friedrich, 1823 - 24. Do you recall the split second between the moment when you slightly loosened your grip on that fragile object and the silence before the break? Starting from that specific brief wave of time, an overwhelming sense of emotion swallows all of us up, from dread … Continue reading Obliteration as a Last Resort (and how this is completely, or even more than okay).

Knight in Shining Armor.

The Blind Man's Meal Pablo Picasso, 1903. You tried to investigate the sources of my pain. Darling, you mustn't worry, I knew you did it out of love. That's how the typical fairytales end: the knight in shining armor swoops up the damsel in distress. You were desperately trying to rewrite my sorrows into¬†happily ever … Continue reading Knight in Shining Armor.